Do you need an end of term gift for a teacher? This ‘Thank you for Helping Me Shine’ Wish Bracelet is a lovely way to show your appreciation.

• What is a Wish Bracelet? •
It is said that the mind can achieve if the heart will believe. That’s the idea behind a Wish Bracelet. You make a wish or an affirmation when you first put the bracelet on and when you look at the bracelet on your wrist every day you are reminded of that wish or affirmation, so reinforcing it in your mind and making achievement more possible.

Each of my handmade Wish Bracelets are carefully crafted using waxed cotton cord and finished with a star charmin your choice of colour; gold or rose gold. The bracelet is presented on a keepsake card made from quality 300gsm kraft card and illustrated with the text 'A wish from ...'

‘Thank you for Helping Me Shine’ and the Wish Poem which reads ‘Close your eyes and make a wish then put this bracelet on your wrist, when the bracelet breaks in two the wish you made may soon come true’.

Shine Wish Bracelet

Colour of Star Charm