Our letters have been carefully designed to provide an authentic look and feel so that the recipient can truly experience the magic of Christmas.
The letter is printed on quality parchment paper, written in a traditional font style and hand distressed to provide an authentic touch..  Each order includes a ‘Nice Child List Certificate’ complete with gold wax stamp and is delivered in our authentic coordinating envelopes.  Each letter is sealed individually with a red wax seal and tied with twine. 
Our letters can be fully personalised to include whatever message you would like and can be addressed exclusively from either Santa Claus or Father Christmas.
You can use our standard template in the custom section below to make the letter extra special so we can personalise the message as much as possible.
You can include details such as;
	the child’s name (please note only one name per order)
	the child's age
	the main gift they want for Christmas
	their hometown
	noteable achievements ie starting school or nursery

Please note that it is posted to you and not the child so you can choose the perfect moment to give your child the letter. A copy of what is inside the letter is included. 

Authentic Personalised Letter from Santa Claus /Father Christmas

Who is the letter from?


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